Lessons for Back To School Marketers in 2022

The summer holidays are upon us, and while parents are currently consumed by vacation plans, stocking up on spf and arduously trying to juggle work and childcare, retail marketers are plotting their back-to-school campaigns. In the U.S. this is a market worth an estimated $67BN in 2022 - an increase on all previous years. 42% of this spending will occur online, a 7% uplift on 2021 and 11% of all retail eCommerce sales.

After the holiday’s, back-to-school has become one of the most fruitful and frenetic times for retail brands. Over the last few years the purchasing path has become more and more fragmented - where once consumers would pop into a store with a list and load up a cart, parents and guardians now hopscotch between numerous tabs, switching from device to device, with 47% browsing in-store only to purchase later online.

To win the custom of today’s digitally savvy consumer, rather than leave everything to the last minute like kids and their homework, proactive retail marketers are getting ready to implement relationship marketing strategies that put the customer at the heart of everything.

So sharpen your pencils, iron your shirt and straighten your tie and let’s kick off the school year properly and deliver top-of-the class relationship marketing, from acquisition through to loyalty.

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