Build today’s manufacturing workforce for Industry 4.0 success

According to a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Manufacturing Institute, manufacturers expect the transition to Industry 4.0 to accelerate in the coming years. To keep pace, 73% of manufacturers plan to increase their investments in smart factory technologies over the next year. And over the next five years, 70% of respondents feel that robotics in the workforce will drive a growing need for talent to function in a more automated and flexible production environment. Respondents also expect an increase in the creation of new jobs to engineer robotics and their operating systems.

The new and innovative ideas that Industry 4.0 make possible can also help companies create integrated strategies that focus on hiring, competencies, coordination of people with equipment and materials, and performance feedback. Organizations that embrace Industry 4.0 to optimize how people and technology interact will be better able to ensure quality and compliance, while maintaining high efficiency. 


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