IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Industrial IoT Platforms in Manufacturing 2019 Vendor Assessment

This IDC study provides an assessment of vendors participating in the in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform market. This study specifically analyzed these offerings from a manufacturing industry perspective.

IoT will be among the technologies that will have the greatest impact on manufacturing businesses in the next five years, with roughly half of the industry in the United States already using IoT in some form in production. IoT provides manufacturers access to more data than ever before, which can fuel a company's transformation efforts. IoT is used throughout the manufacturing value chain, with ongoing activity across the four primary strategic priorities:

▪ Supply chain optimization — Using IoT and sensors to improve supply chain orchestration

▪ Smart manufacturing — Using IoT and sensors to improve factory performance in the plant

▪ Product innovation — Using IoT and sensors to improve new product introduction (NPI)

▪ Field service — Using IoT and sensors to enhance service offerings and delivery

 Internet of Things

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