Virtual Team Communication

On average, companies can save $11,000 annually per telecommuting employee. Yet alongside the many benefits to businesses and employees that telework can provide, managing a mobile workforce means facing a number of unique obstacles. Remote employees have different motivators, and require distinct considerations compared to their traditional in-office counterparts. Without adapting management to fit their needs, working remotely can lead to a lack of engagement and a desire for the socialization and collaboration found in an office environment.

Download this strategic guide and learn the 7 critical tips, strategies, and pitfalls to watch for when managing a mobile workforce: 

  • Ensure remote workers have the right tools

  • Harness the cloud to stay close to your team

  • Make time for open communication

  • Effectively managing communication across time zones

  • Choose the right type of communication

  • Pay attention to milestones

  • Catch "Virtual body language" warning signs

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