The Employee Engagement Barometer - An HR Leader’s Guide to High-Precision Measurement of Employee Engagement

Traditionally, measuring employee engagement has been less like maintaining room temperature, and more like forecasting weather.

Room temperatures are easy enough to maintain. Set the thermostat and, well, that’s it! People are a bit more complex. They work in fluid, unpredictable environments and constantly react to change. New team members join. People are promoted. Sometimes they leave. Reorganizations happen. Engagement levels shift.

Traditional methods of measuring engagement don’t capture the complexities of organizations and their people. These methods are imprecise, and check temperature too infrequently to pinpoint areas that need a little warming up. What if employee engagement—on, the surface, as inscrutable as the weather— could be actively monitored and influenced, like room temperature?

Measuring engagement is a vital practice to creating a thriving organization. This guide reveals the shortcomings of traditional means of measuring employee engagement, and
provides tools to assess your organization’s efforts. You’ll discover how better precision instruments can allow you to monitor and influence engagement, much like a thermostat.

How precise is your employee engagement barometer? Use this guide to gauge your organization’s effectiveness in measuring and improving employee engagement by focusing
on four main categories:

  • Are you measuring the right things at the right frequency?
  • Do you get actionable insights?
  • Are insights delivered to the right people—managers (not just HR leaders and the CEO)?
  • Are people equipped to act quickly?

 Human Resources (HR)

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