Reinventing Carsharing as a Modern and Profitable service

Shared mobility services have introduced your loyal customers to on-demand access, sharing vehicles, and per-mile pricing.  Autonomous vehicles will greatly accelerate the growth of shared mobility service models.  The personal car ownership paradigm that has defined the automotive industry from the past century is steadily dissolving. This means your company has to evolve as well.

Read our complimentary whitepaper that analyzes the best methods for quickly launching new mobility services and scaling them to maximize profitability.

  • Learn how vehicle utilization in new mobility services drives profitability and which techniques can help achieve the highest rates.
  • Learn what’s required to launch a new mobility service offering, including end-to-end workflow and fleet operations management including balancing supply/demand and CRM.
  • Examine lessons learned from launching one of the largest car sharing programs in the US market.

 Human Resources (HR)

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