Future of Compensation: Pay, benefits and equity in the UK

Over the past few years, the workforce has changed in ways that will likely have ripple-effects for years to
come. Set against a backdrop of a tight UK labour market and ongoing economic uncertainty, societal demands
for systemic changes promoting fair and equitable compensation can no longer go unanswered.

This report is designed to help human resources and talent acquisition leaders prepare
for a complex but ultimately rewarding shift in how to approach a once taboo topic. The future of work in this
new hybrid world will require companies large and small to be more interactive and trusting with their
employees. Being open, transparent and progressive around employee pay, workplace benefits and
compensation initiatives is imperative.

In this report, you will find fresh YouGov* data exploring workforce expectations and needs, alongside
actionable insights and specialist advice from a diverse range of trailblazing thought leaders and futurists,
helping you to navigate a novel terrain for which there is currently little guidance. Conversations around
compensation can feel challenging, but the time is now.

 Human Resources (HR)

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