Free Yourself from the Contractor Trap

How does one fall into the contractor trap? The story almost always begins the same way. A first sales hire in Brazil. An amazing programmer in Poland. A QC overseer of the third party manufacturer in China. Your company has decided that this year’s business strategy will involve at least one venture overseas. This means you and your US-based HR team will be responsible for facilitating the perfect hire once the decision has been made.

There is just one problem. Without a local subsidiary or branch office, your company cannot legally employ a person in-country, make payroll tax payments, or provide statutory local benefits.

Download the whitepaper to learn:
- The difference between a contractor and an employee
- Tips for controlling your contractor risk
- How to hire globally while remaining compliant

Whether you’re about to make your first overseas hire or have already hired overseas and need help climbing out of the contract trap, this whitepaper will help break down all of the risks associated with hiring overseas.

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