Four Steps to Navigate the Rise of the Social Enterprise – A Guide for Global Organisations

Organisations that anticipate and embrace the changes in this evolving business climate and that continue to focus on the individual needs of their workers can be successful in attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent. HCM technology will play a key role in helping organisations navigate this rise of the social enterprise, providing the ability to manage the full worker life cycle from recruitment to retention and delivering the analytics and insights needed to drive key business decisions related to human capital. Technology can also bridge the gaps among employees, management, and HR by enabling and encouraging employee engagement in the areas of learning and development as well as in performance assessments and feedback.

Workday created 4 steps to help you navigate through the rise of the social enterprise 

1. Enable 'experiences' versus career paths. 

2. Revamp rewards and performance enablement processes to make them personalised and timely

3. Establish forward-thinking inclusion and social citizenship programmes 

4. Develop a strategy to keep pace with advancements in technology and the influx of data 

 Human Resources (HR)

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