A Simple Guide to Recruiting - Practical steps for HR professionals who wear many hats

Human resources professionals often juggle a lot of priorities across the human capital management (HCM) lifecycle. Managing a recruiting strategy on top of all their other responsibilities can be highly challenging because recruitment is such an involved, multiphase process. And at a time when unemployment numbers are low, competition for best-fit candidates can be fierce.

By breaking recruiting into digestible phases and exploring foundational processes, HR professionals can feel more confident in their ability to handle the pressures of recruiting. With some well-placed technology and sound strategy, you can put in place all the tools you need to recruit and retain great people and build a more productive workforce without losing track of your other tasks.

This eBook explores five distinct areas of recruiting that HR professionals must work through to find the right hire for their company and continually improve and refine their recruitment process. Let’s explore.


 Human Resources (HR)

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