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Supporting your employees

For many years, an organization’s approach to employee mental wellbeing was simply “leave your problems at the door”. But those days are gone. Not only are mental and emotional health issues losing their stigma, but businesses are realizing that failure to understand and fulfill employees’ total well-being requirements, such a physical and financial
well-being, ultimately leads to reduced productivity and output.

1 in 5 adults in the U.S. – 43.8 million, or 18.5% – experiences mental illness in a given year.

This means employers can no longer ignore the situation. In fact, mental health and its connection to a person’s physical, financial, and social well-being has become such a big talking point that organizations are proactively looking to support their employees and provide assistance when it’s required. The main question now is, what type of workforce support should businesses be investing in? Is it a member of staff to act as a sounding board? Is it pamphlets and leaflets in the coffee room? Is it referrals to local counselors?

Despite all these activities being “better than nothing”, modern employee well-being support must be more timely and engaging.

To help you effectively support your workforce, maintain their productivity levels and ultimately realize the true benefit of your biggest asset, we’ve put together this guide. Simply read on to find out more about the methods, ethics and techniques needed for superior employee well-being support.


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