How to Excel at Next Generation Trial Execution

The next generation of clinical trials will be faster, more efficient, and produce higher quality patient outcomes. From virtualization to machine learning, one thing is clear: technological transformation is necessary to rise to the challenge of increased trial complexity. Yet, the life science industry remains invested in
the traditional ways in which clinical trials are conducted, even as the spread of COVID-19 puts antiquated processes to the test. Most sponsors and CROs have tried to adapt by tweaking a platform here and adding a new app there, but this has only yielded patchwork systems of sites, spreadsheets, and dashboards that further burden the process.

Instead of focusing on short-term business problems and playing catch up, consider the impact of the right technological approach to next-generation trial execution. To help you look forward in your trial lifecycle, Medidata has developed three modern technology strategies that will help your business deliver more in the next decade. Focused on patients, processes, and data, each strategy is designed to seamlessly work across your teams and business areas and can be adopted one at a time or all at once.

In this eBook, we outline how these modern technology strategies will help ease patient burdens, overcome process challenges, and simplify data complexity pressures to excel your next-generation trial execution.


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