A Digital Transformation Report: 5 Emerging Trends in Healthcare

To remain competitive, healthcare organizations need to adopt new digital technologies that allow them to optimize organizational efficiency and productivity, attract and retain the best talent, and manage increasingly complex regulatory and insurance processes — all while maintaining strict industry compliance. Understand 5 important trends in Healthcare. 

1. Project management in healthcare can support everything from employee onboarding and facilities management to insurance claims. Smartsheet can assist with limited budgets and lean staffing to help you achieve business goals. 

2. Merging two healthcare organizations means balancing multiple projects, IT systems, people and more. The Smartsheet Accelerator for Mergers & Acquisitions is a pre-built solution that provides easy-to-use, pre-loaded content and configured fields, forms, and reports that provide status updates into deal closure and integration processes to stakeholders with rollup reports and dashboards.

3. Use cloud technology to centralize information for complex process such as getting new drugs to market.

4. The healthcare industry faces a critical shortage of employees at all levels. Automated tools can assist with HR functions to reduce manual work and give HR teams new capabilities 

5. Healthcare professionals are spending more time with mobile devices and less time at the desktop. Adopt technology that enables mobile collaboration such as the Smartsheet app.


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