A Digital Transformation Report: 5 Ways Technology Can Transform Government Operations

Governments and agencies are increasingly feeling pressure to deliver better service to citizens with dwindling resources. Governments can improve operations by introducing technologies that help to speed processes, boost budget insight and program transparency, and increase agility in managing change and risk.

Understand how governments and agencies can use cost-effective cloud-based applications to drive progress towards digital transformation in five critical ways. 

1. Cloud services such as Smartsheet Gov gives team members a common digital foundation. This can dramatically increase the efficiency of collaborative workflows, which is particularly beneficial to projects involving sensitive citizen data. 

2. Automation of digital processes allows governments and agencies to reduce costs and spend more time working on critical tasks.

3. Data insights - Smartsheet will give your team access to real-time data so they can make better decisions, easily create reports and dashboards.

4. Adopt real-time insight into budgets, so you know how the budget is being spent and whether the budget is balanced at any given time.

5. Reduce recruitment onboarding times and attract the workforce you need by automating HR workflows with Smartsheet


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