Transforming KYC New Account Opening with Intelligent Automation

Automation has become an integral part of the financial industry as it helps banks save time on documentation and other back-office processes. Watch this video to see how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and intelligent document processing (IDP) can automate new account opening process from end to end.

The solution starts with interpreting intent of customer emails. Afterward, an IDP solution, IQ Bot, scans and processes all the submitted customer identification documents, and a RPA bot completes the customer due diligence and risk scoring processes. With all necessary information and data extracted and evaluated, the RPA bot can work 24 hours to automate this repetitive process, liberating your employees to perform more strategic tasks.

Watch this demo video to learn more about:

  • Improving efficiency
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Establishing end-to-end AI-powered automation.

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