The Impact of Current Economic Events A Guide to Procurement in 2019

With volatility in the stock market, looming trade policy changes, and pushback against globalization in the U.K. and elsewhere, the 2019 economic situation is delicate. Knowing how this impacts procurement teams and what your organization can do to protect itself are essential steps in maintaining stability.

In this white paper, The Impact of Current Economic Events: A Guide to Procurement in 2019, you’ll learn how digitization can help curb the effects of instability and optimize your organization’s ROI, even if an economic downturn strikes. See what the procurement priorities should be and how to act in response to the market. You’ll learn:

  • What events your organization should be on the lookout for
  • What the market predictions and their implications are
  • What businesses and procurement teams can do to brace for a potential downturn


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