Next-level defenses for managing digital risks in financial services

Today’s world moves faster than ever before. Financial services companies recognise that they must match that pace – or risk being left behind.

However, they face a complex web of decisions in their digital transformation efforts. New technology platforms, outsourcing strategies, niche security products, and vendor relationships are everywhere.

Replacing everything is generally not an option. Financial services companies need their new solutions to work cohesively with existing infrastructure. Unfortunately, integrating new and legacy tools and systems adds complexity – and risk.

Managing that risk is more important than ever. Transformative services require you to take on risk, and often it isn’t in familiar categories like IT or legal. Cyber criminals have been innovating just as fast as the financial services companies they target. They are ready to seize onto any new vulnerability and rely on speed to beat your response.

Service Now’s Results:

  • 60% reduction in response time to general vulnerabilities; the reduction was even higher for critical issues
  • 30% reduction in security incident response time
  • 50% of configuration items were updated with correct IP information, improving the process.


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