Management Consultancy - Achieving the Best Value and Efficiency from Consultancy Contracts

With the government and wider public sector spending over £2.5 billion a year on management consultancy, it’s important to ensure this spend is achieving the very best outcomes and value for money. As it’s taxpayers’ money that public sector organisations are spending, it’s understandable that this spend regularly comes under intense public scrutiny with perceptions of high costs and intangible results.

Consultants can help organisations in a wide range of ways including boosting performance and efficiency, preparing for future challenges, creating value, complying with audit and legal requirements and adopting new technology. This knowledge and experience can be invaluable if accessed well.

How do you achieve the right outcomes and ensure every pound spent on consultancy creates value for your organisation?

This short guide will help you develop an outcomes focused procurement strategy that ensures your management consultancy contracts deliver both great value and great results.

Crown Commercial Service

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