A Modern CFO’s Guide to Finding the Right KPIs

Successful CFOs don’t make decisions based on feelings—their decisions are based on data and facts. Traditionally, this data comes from reports. But as the landscape of finance is changing, and the finance group is under greater scrutiny to cut costs, grow revenue, and maintain control in an increasingly uncertain time, inefficient processes, like report creation, are in the spotlight.

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, are a fantastic way to help businesses, and especially CFOs, show value beyond traditional reports. The problem is that most CFOs either don’t measure KPIs today, or aren’t confident that the KPIs they do measure are correct. And this type of uncertainty can have a direct effect on business decisions.

So how do you fix this? This ebook will explore the anatomy of a good KPI, how reports are different than KPIs, and help you create an action plan to move you from an organization of reporting to an organization that drives business performance with KPIs.


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