Ready to Save Money and The Environment? Start by Ditching Bottles and Cans in Your Office

Is your organization still using single-use bottles and cans in the office? If so, it could be costing your business money and harming the global ecosystem. 

Single-use plastic bottles and cans are not only expensive, but they contribute millions of tons of unbiodegradable waste. 

There’s a better way to keep your office hydrated. Smartwell by Elkay has helped businesses ditch single-use plastics, saving waste from entering our landfills and waterways while maintaining a strong bottom line.  

Download this free infographic to explore how Smartwell will help your business: 

  • Take care of earth by reducing waste 
  • Increase profits with less expensive beverage solutions 
  • Bring joy to customers and employees by offering healthy and flavorful hydration to the office 

Thanks to the variety of flavors, still and sparkling options, and extras like electrolytes, vitamin Cand caffeine, saving our planet and being eco-friendly has never been more fun! 

Smartwell is here to keep your customers and employees happy and hydrated all day long. 


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