PAYMENT AND COMMERCE - Strategies to transform your digital edge for the future of real-time transactions

The Digital Edge Playbook for Payments and Commerce outlines how industry leaders are transforming their digital edge to leverage an ecosystem-based value chain for real-time insights and a frictionless experience. Our simple, three-step strategy offers proven best practices on how to re-architect your presence, integrate cloud and SaaS capabilities and enable new offerings based on interconnected collaboration.

The pace of the digital economy is accelerating, changing how merchants, consumers and businesses interact. Demand for personalized experiences is shifting the classic payment transaction to a digital process based on open collaboration. Digital requires expanding steps in payment processing while simultaneously meeting customer expectations for faster execution. Traditional architectures based on centralized control are unable to cost-effectively scale, respond flexibly to new requirements or offer the controls needed to meet regional compliance.

To effectively compete in digital commerce, industry leaders need a distributed, digital-edge architecture that gives them proximity to dispersed customers and partners across the world. With a platform that provides global location coverage, private interconnection within a rich partner ecosystem and the ability to integrate and simplify controls, these companies have the infrastructure they need to transform for digital.


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