Choosing the right B2B e-commerce platform

According to a Forrester study, 49 percent of B2B companies expect their e-commerce platform to both increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction. To meet your goals, it’s imperative that you develop a request for proposal (RFP) that speaks directly to your long-term B2B e-commerce strategy. You’ll need an RFP that covers all your criteria, but also a process that is streamlined.

The average B2B solution RFP process can take weeks or months to complete. While RFPs can help ensure you’re choosing the right product, they can also spiral out of control. Receiving highly detailed RFPs from five or more vendors often means information overload. A phased approach to your RFP process can help you make a great
decision in less time.

This eBook outlines 12 important questions you should include in your next B2B e-commerce RFP.


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