Why SDS Is Essential for IT Transformation

As storage needs escalate, companies must consider the benefits of software-defined storage, including flexibility, scalability, and cost.

Data volumes are growing at unprecedented rates, and there are no signs of a slowdown in storage capacity demand.

Traditional storage deployments are hard-pressed to accommodate this growth. Most companies are grappling with legacy storage issues, including:

- Costly proprietary hardware and software, often from multiple vendors, which drives up costs—plus the need to budget for expensive, major upgrades, which ties customers to depreciation cycles that limit flexibility

- Inflexible systems that must conform to vendors’ product refresh cycles and product catalogs rather than specific needs

- Inefficient scaling of capacity, often forcing companies to overprovision storage

Together, these factors limit the ability to rightsize the storage environment and to achieve the flexibility necessary to cost-effectively scale to accommodate data growth.


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