Why Endpoint Protection is Critical to Your Security Strategy

Many IT professionals place their cybersecurity focus on servers and data centers, but they are leaving one area wide open for attackers to infiltrate – endpoints. These devices are responsible for 70% of breaches so they are definitely not out of mind when a malware attack hits the business.

And it’s no secret that cyberattacks continue to rise. Not only are they rising - they are changing.

  • There has been a 224% increase in a category called hack tools. These hack tools are programs that can probe through systems and networks and download malicious payloads.
  • Fileless malware, where attack codes live only in RAM and do not write files to disk, grew 256% over the first half of 2019.
  • Web skimmers, which inject code on the server or sometimes the client side of online transactions to harvest credit card numbers, grew 187%

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