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Family-run business. Legacy, on-premise systems and tools. Box-store relationships. For generations, companies in the wholesale distribution industry had everything they needed within their facilities and existing networks to keep things running and their businesses growing.

Not anymore.

Changes in the marketplace have meant disruption in the industry. For example, the “Amazon Effect” has given rise to consumers’ expectations for a personalized, online shopping experience with endless options and fast delivery. Meeting these demands can be a big challenge for companies that have been operating on multiple disconnected systems. It’s an even bigger challenge when managing numerous subsidiaries with multiple accounting systems. And forget about aggregating data to generate real-time reports—having multiple systems makes that nearly impossible.

Simply put: Wholesale distributors are at a crossroads, and it’s time to make a decision. Continue with business as usual, or optimize your business with industry best practices.

NetSuite Services can lead you on the path toward business success.

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