WhatsApp Business Platform Brochure - Retail

Customers live in a 24X7 world. It is a world where the impulse to browse, shop, transact or seek help can strike at any moment. If you want to build deeper, more loyal relationships with your customers, your business must have the ability to be available to the customer around the clock.

WhatsApp Business Platforms now allows your business to be ‘Always On’, for any need across the customer journey, from marketing and sales to support.

Here's a quick look at how your business can build seamless customer journeys using WhatsApp:

  • Discover customers: Discover prospective customers by analysing social spends and target them by initiating conversations on WhatsApp.
  • Nudge across purchase process: Provide product information based on their browsing habits on the web. Nurture and nudge customers at each stage of the funnel.
  • Deliver targeted promotions: Use engagement data to construct personalized promotions that are targeted at individual buyers.
  • Enable reorders: Provide reorder reminders based on customer buying history, avoiding the need to select from product lists. Tie-in reminders with cross-sell or upsell promotions.
  • Drive loyalty: Allow customers to review and manage their loyalty points through WhatsApp conversations.
  • Offer seamless order management and support: Integrate offer management and support through chatbots or live agents to deliver a delightful customer experience.


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