WhatsApp Business Platform Brochure - Banking

Customers live in a 24x7 world. It is a world where the impulse to browse, shop, transact or seek help can strike at any moment. If you want to build deeper, more loyal relationships with your customers, your business must have the ability to be available to the customer around the clock.

WhatsApp Business APIs now allows your business to be ‘Always-On’, for any need across the customer journey, from marketing and sales to support.

Here's a quick look at how your business can build seamless customer journeys using WhatsApp:

  • Branch/ATM locator: Find the branch/ATM closest to your location by simply entering your pin code or sharing your location via the Google Maps app. 
  • Credit card services: Easily know your outstanding amount, due date, and credit limit.
  • Deals and offers: Nudge your customers by sharing the latest deals and offers on loans, cards and discounts on your partner brands. 
  • Check your balance: Enter your account number or debit card details to know about your bank balance.
  • Mini statement: Generate, download and save your mini/regular statements by entering your account number or debit card details.


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