What Top-Performing B2B Marketers Do Differently

Marketers today have access to a variety of technology solutions that can be used to create a great customer experience. From interactive content hubs to dynamic personalisation and account-based marketing solutions, we have more tools at our fingertips today than would have been fathomable less than a decade ago.

But are we actually getting better results?

The evidence from this report says no. Our survey of marketing professionals reveals only 54% achieved a good level of success at meeting their 2019 goals.

In short, we can see that top performers market everywhere customers are. They provide more content on more channels, allowing each buyer to engage on their own terms. These top performers support the entire customer journey, rather than focusing purely on an acquisition. They report on engagement and focus on long-term wins. And as a probable consequence of all of this, they have a better relationship with sales and are far more likely to have a highly scalable marketing program.


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