What Intelligent Enterprises need from their ERP system

Your business is facing unprecedented disruption, and you've probably already realized you need speed, agility and real-time data in order to adapt. And not just survive but thrive despite current challenges. Priorities are shifting quickly, and tight connection and communication both internally and with customers and vendors across the supply chain require companies like yours to rely on digital technology and automation more than ever.

This has caused leaders to push for business processes to be transformed so fast that 50% of organizations are expected to make artificial intelligence (AI) the core of their business by the end of the year. So, what are the top 3 advantages of an intelligent ERP?

  1. Cognitive - Intelligent ERP can tie massive data volumes to analytics and cognitive aspects of machine learning to analyze the data and make accurate predictions.
  2. Connectivity - Organizations using intelligent ERP can connect to customers, suppliers, employees, and other businesses so they are stronger and more resilient.
  3. Agility - Organizations using intelligent ERP systems have more mobile and transparent workflows. The entire organization has visibility into what is happening, enabling the business functions to work together in making decisions that lead to better performance.

If you want to learn more about how an Intelligent ERP can help organizations quickly react to sudden change, we invite you to read the full IDC Market Spotlight, Digital Transformation in Times of Change: What Intelligent Enterprises Need from Their ERP Systems

We hope the insights provided in it will help you become a digitally enhanced intelligent enterprise.


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