Webinar: Your Complete Guide to Mobile Phishing Protection

In our mobile-first world, phishing attacks targeting mobile devices are on the rise.

Small mobile device screens make it difficult for users to access key security information while also being prompted to make fast decisions. And when it comes to text messages, it’s difficult to verify their authenticity - even those supposedly from your contact.

Even though mobile devices now account for approximately 60% of enterprise endpoints, a mere .5% of IT budgets are allocated to mobile security initiatives as compared to traditional endpoint security. What does this mean to a hacker? This means it’s a great day for phishing!

MobileIron has joined forces with Zimperium — the global leader in enterprise mobile security — to provide you with insights and key actions you can take to secure not only your organisation’s mobile devices but all internet-based traffic.

Join our exclusive On-Demand webinar where you’ll uncover:

  • Why phishing is the #1 attack vector for organisations and users
  • How to provide protection for all internet-based traffic: corporate email, apps, in-app browsers, text/SMS, messenger apps, social and future modes of communication
  • Leverage seamless, admin-driven activation to achieve 100% user adoption for MTD’s multi-layered anti-phishing

Leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA) and zero sign-on (ZSO) to further strengthen your organisation’s security posture


Jason Salway

Sales Engineer, ANZ, MobileIron

Jason is frontline support for MobileIron’s Australian and South East Asia’s technical channel partners. He also leads the MobileIron Champions Program and supports customer engagements in the Southern region as required.

Pat Shueh

VP of Sales Engineering for APJ, Zimperium Inc

Pat advises and consults enterprises on how to protect their mobile device and business-critical app from today’s sophisticated mobile attack across device, network, application and phishing. He has over 20 years of experience from various roles from development, operations and consulting.


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