Using Data Replication to Upgrade Your Oracle Database with Minimal Downtime

As your organization works to lower costs, one initiative can make a major difference: a database migration. Migration to hardware that is less expensive to purchase and operate, migration to less costly operating systems and migration away from older versions of Oracle that may require expensive extended support contracts can save you a lot of money. But without the right approach, migrations can cause costly downtime and data loss.

What if you could move to more affordable platforms without any of the risk? With SharePlex® data replication, you can migrate to the database platform of your choice with zero downtime and zero data loss.

Let's explore the types of migrations and their challenges as well as established best practices for ensuring success. We'll also look at a proven process for upgrading to Oracle 12c that minimizes downtime and the risk of failure by using a data replication solution such as SharePlex.


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