Unlocking Collaboration: Making Software Work Better Together

Work environments and the way we work continue to change at a rapid pace, accelerating digital transformation initiatives so companies can survive and thrive. The rise of the best-in-class secure collaboration stack products enables shifting software from cost centers to business enablers. Today's work must facilitate secure collaboration, enhance user security, provide immediate access to information and content, and be available from any place on any device.

The answers will come not from a single vendor but from customized IT stacks built on open architectures and integrated with open APIs. Open APIs are essential in the next normal, enabling enterprises to secure their data and unlock new opportunities for their employees to collaborate while reducing overhead costs.

Key Stats:

  • Companies enjoy a mean productivity increase of 37% when three or more applications are integrated
  • Organizations with six or more integrated applications see a 75% increase in productivity

Download the full IDC Market Spotlight.


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