Unleash IT to Accelerate Radical Business Innovation - Hyperconverged Infrastructure Powered by Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series with Nutanix


Business expectations and demands on the data center are increasing and the impact on today’s data centers is staggering. The IT infrastructure struggles to keep up in a world of accelerating costs and declining operating budgets.

It’s the 80/20 dynamic, where 80% of the budget is to maintain the status-quo and keep IT running, while only 20% of the budget is available for innovation for the data center and the business.

While there is a clear desire to innovate, IDC claims that 80% of annual IT budgets are consumed by maintaining existing infrastructure and services. Yet in another study, Gartner measures growth initiatives as a very top priority by CEOs.

Organizations that can move quickly to leverage these new opportunities will find themselves in an advantageous position relative to their competitors. BUT Time is NOT on your side!

IT infrastructure leaders often feel that they’re always in catch-up mode because it is difficult to quantify IT contributions.


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