Total Cost of Ownership Study: Plume Consumer Experience Management Platform

Plume’s Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform transforms Communications Service Providers (CSPs) from hardware-, firmware- and TR-069-driven, disparate services ecosystems to agile, cloud-based services delivery platforms, ultimately accelerating CSPs’ end-to-end services delivery to their customers.

Widescale deployment and adoption of the CEM Platform increases ARPU, lowers OPEX costs, and increases customer longevity through reduction of churn. To better understand the benefits and costs associated with a cloud-based CEM system, a complete total cost of ownership study was completed to measure the benefits and draw conclusions about the preferred model for CSPs to deploy services going forward in their networks.

Results of the study consider the overall benefits of a CEM Platform in the following areas:

  • Increase in new monthly revenue as a result of enhanced services offering
  • Reduction in call-in rates (CIR) and truck roll rates (TRR) through improved performance, reliability, customer engagement, and customer service
  • Improved customer longevity through reduction of churn
  • Increased service delivery velocity compared to alternative solutions


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