TOP 20 Enterprise Cloud Questions Answered

According to a recent IDC study, 82% of enterprises expect to use three or more clouds by 2020, including private, onpremise, virtual private clouds, and shared public cloud services from a number of providers. Ideally, there’s one cloud that serves as connecting sinew for all other clouds, and can easily run different workloads in the cloud they’re best suited for.

This brings us to Enterprise Cloud. Enterprise Cloud gives you a single point of control to manage IT infrastructure and applications at any scale. But it’s also another cloud in an already crowded sky. Perhaps that’s why we’re not surprised at the questions we receive about Enterprise Cloud—specifically around why it matters, how it’s different, and what it brings to the IT table.

This eBook is a compilation of the mostasked questions we’ve received about Enterprise Cloud—and maybe some you’ve been asking yourself as well.



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