The Wi-Fi Revolution has Finally Arrived

For one thing, you wouldn't have to spend endless hours troubleshooting issues? It could do that for itself.

For another, your web connections would be faster and your video conferencing turbocharged. Plus you could chat to your system in everyday language, analyse your network in real time and track every single asset.

Call us controversial, but we think that this should be the norm for wireless in 2020. That's why we've built Mist, the world's first ever AI Wi-Fi.

Combining a microservices architecture with our patented Virtual Bluetooth (vBLE) technology, Mist is a complete game changer.

Not only will it free up all that time and energy you spend patching up flaky legacy systems, but as it's built on an API, it can be whatever you want it to be.

We're not claiming it's utopia (yet), but as far as wireless tech goes, it's pretty close.


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