The Ultimate Guide to Route Optimisation

Manual methods no longer cut the grade when it comes to route and transport planning. They’re cumbersome, time-consuming, less accurate and, most importantly, no longer necessary.

Route optimisation software has been purpose built to alleviate these pain points and build the most efficient route plans that meet operational efficiencies and customer expectations

In our latest Paragon whitepaper, The Ultimate Guide to Route Optimisation, we uncover how leveraging route optimisation software into your operation can help you:

  • Reduce transport operating costs by up to 30%
  • Increase vehicle utilisation to ensure vehicles are used to full capacity where possible
  • Improve delivery service and customer satisfaction
  • Operate sustainable freight practices and cut carbon emissions

Download your copy of the whitepaper and see how Paragon Route Optimisation, from Aptean, can give you the tools you need to adapt to survive, enhance your delivery capabilities and improve your route planning processes.


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