The Top 5 Tech Trends to Deliver Business Outcomes: Understanding the Power of the Platform

As an IT executive, your sphere of influence will potentially grow in 2020 and beyond, but the new normal requires a new mindset. In case you are still wondering which areas of your business are ideal for adoption of disruptive technologies, we invite you to start asking different questions to uncover the potential value that digital initiatives can deliver.

Read the IDC report to understand the power of the platform and how it can deliver business continuity and agility, both in times of growth and in times of challenge. Take this opportunity to inform yourself on:

  • How technology will continue to play an ever-greater role in achieving business continuity and agility
  • Why IDC believes that the technology architectures of the future must be platform-oriented to enable a seamless flow of data across the business ecosystem
  • Why success will stem from focusing on the delivery of improved business outcomes in both the short and the long term
  • Why technology-enabled scenarios and responses tuned to the business are key to these outcomes.


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