The Nonprofit Finance Team Survival Guide

Nonprofit finance teams operate in a more challenging environment than ever before.

Good financial stewardship plays a critical role in maintaining funding relationships and attracting new donors. Finance teams face pressure to provide full transparency for compliance and better visibility into both financial metrics and outcome metrics for the board, executives, donors, and government funders.

At the same time, the complexity of accounting and funding streams is increasing, with a need for even small nonprofits to be able to account for funds, grants, projects, programs, and more. In today’s dynamic environment, many organisations are partnering, collaborating, or even merging with other nonprofits or working with other affiliates.

In this eBook, Sage Intacct examine what it takes for nonprofit finance teams to not only survive but thrive. They also look at how the Sage Intacct accounting and financial management solution helps nonprofits leverage the power of cloud technology to ensure mission success.


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