The Need for Speed: Why companies need to deliver fast, consolidated customer service

The way we interact with customer service teams has never been more important. This is often the only time we ever interact with a company, and our opinion of a customer service team often forms our opinion of the company itself. We have more channels than ever at our fingertips to contact customer service teams. But this plethora of communications channels also means raised expectations. Today more than ever, customers expect to be able to reach a company quickly. They expect the agent to be knowledgeable and to be able to answer their query the first time.

This paper explores how important speed is in delivering an amazing customer experience today, and what is making customers lose patience. It reveals that Tespeed is everything—consumers have little patience for slow service and, when frustrated, won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere. At 8x8, we believe that having the right technology in place is vital to delivering fast, high quality service.


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