The Meeting Room Makeover: Is Your Collaboration Space Adaptable for the New Normal?

As you consider reopening offices (or plan to institute WFH indefinitely), you need a meeting room system that goes the distance. Whether connecting on-premise employees or talking to international clients, whether empowering power users at home or making huddle rooms safer, an integrated meeting room solution that makes life easier for IT is the need of the hour.

Here is a handy checklist that can help gauge your readiness:

  • Licensing - Do you need additional licensing costs for every room? How do licenses scale as your WFH workforce grows?
  • Self-service - What is the degree of touch dependence? Do employees need shared buttons or touch screens to reserved meeting spaces and slots?
  • Compatibility - Does your meeting room integrate smoothly with third-party systems? Given that most companies use 3+ platforms, do you have native compatibility?
  • Scale - What happens when you need to conduct large, office-wide, or department meetings? What is your hardware and software’s participant threshold?
  • Collaboration - What capabilities are present for sharing content? Are pro features like dual display and wired content sharing ready at hand?
  • Telephony - Can your meeting room double up as a telephony system for external clients/stakeholders? Can you integrate PBX, if it isn’t natively available?
  • Setup - Does the system include all your basics like a control hub, touch interface, audio, and camera? How much effort will it take IT (or an employee) to set it up?

GoToRoom by LogMeIn is an out of the box meeting room solution that is purpose-built for your needs. It scales up or down to meet huddle room, home office, conference room, or board room configurations, powered by industry-leading hardware from Polly, Logitech, and Dolby


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