The Key To Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Strategy: An Annual Forrester Consulting Study Commissioned By IBM

In October 2020, IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to refresh research done in 2019 that evaluates how organizations develop and implement their IT infrastructure strategies — for both cloud and on premises deployments. For the 2020 research, Forrester conducted an online survey with 384 respondents with enterprise IT decision-makers across industries to explore this topic. In this annual study, we found that organizations are investing in a hybrid cloud strategy. This strategy is defined by a mix of infrastructure platforms, including public cloud, hosted private cloud, internal private cloud, and traditional on-premises deployments, that meet organizations’ growing and shifting customer needs. Organizations find on-premises infrastructure foundational to their hybrid cloud strategy as they enter the 2020s.

Download this study and learn what to expect for the future of hybrid multicloud at your enterprise.


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