The Future of Remote Work: Securing a Distributed Workforce

Remote work grew exponentially in just a few short months. And it appears to be on trend to continue.

Many Security & IT teams have had to adapt to these conditions while also ensuring that data is protected against an exploding rate of cyber threats. These challenges are real and the stakes are highThere is a path forward, and our e-book offers the essential guidance to get there. Learn how you can use VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ to secure distributed employee access with broader, deeper and more extensive security.

In this e-book, explore answers to the following questions and more:

  • How do cyber attackers take advantage of bad news like a pandemic to target enterprises and their remote employees? What can we do to protect ourselves, our employees, and our customers?
  • What are some achievable best practices for remote workspace security? How can we use them to address threat vectors targeting distributed workforces?
  • How can we weigh the risks and rewards of safely moving to a longer-term distributed workforce model?
  • What is digital distancing and how can we put it in practice to protect remote employee access to corporate data?


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