The Future of Contracts - Perspectives from Leaders in Law and Technology on the next decade of Contracting

The Future of Contracts focuses on aligning the roles of technology and talent, enabling professionals to optimize their effort, and harnessing data to more effectively manage risk. From artificial intelligence to smart contracting, there has been widespread attention on streamlining transactions, both complex and straightforward. Although the future of contracts is uncertain, the expert perspectives reflected in this report highlight a roadmap that enhances clarity, offers direction, and emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach.
From this whitepaper, you will understand:
  1. The key trends for the next 10 years of contracts in The Future of Contracts e-book from Apttus.
  2. How will Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain affect contracts? The world’s experts share their opinions.
  3. Whether advanced technologies will eliminate your job? Read what visionaries in contract management think.


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