The essential guide to implementing edge computing in Asia-Pacific

Industries across the Asia-Pacific region are accelerating their drive towards improved operational efficiencies, more interactive and digitised customer experiences, Industry 4.0, and a pandemic-influenced increase in work place remote access. A key solution enabling this digitization is edge computing, which is becoming an important component in an organisation’s next-generation hybrid IT infrastructure. Edge computing is an IT deployment designed to put applications and data as close as possible to the users or things that need them.

A recent Tech Research Asia (TRA) survey indicates that 51 per cent of IT professionals in the Asia-Pacific region have already begun embracing a hybrid IT approach, mixing edge computing, public cloud, and on-premises infrastructure. In addition, most countries are taking a workload-by-workload approach to hybrid IT. This means applications are evaluated to determine which aspect of the hybrid model is the best fit to address business needs.

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