The Economic Advantages of Migrating Enterprise Data Warehouse Workloads to Google BigQuery

For decades, enterprises have relied on traditional on-premises data warehouses to collect and store their most valuable data. But these traditional data warehouses can be costly, inflexible, and difficult to maintain, and for many, they no longer meet today’s business needs. Enterprises need an easy, scalable way to store all that data, as well as to take advantage of advanced analytic tools that can help them find valuable insights. As a result, many are turning to cloud data warehousing solutions like BigQuery.

BigQuery is Google Cloud’s serverless, highly scalable, low-cost enterprise data warehouse designed to make all data analysts productive. There’s no infrastructure to manage, so you can focus on finding meaningful insights using familiar Standard SQL.

If your organization is struggling to overcome the burden of a legacy on-premises EDW, it is certainly time to invest in a more agile solution.

ESG’s analysis shows that Google BigQuery offers a lower expected TCO, substantially streamlines operations, and delivers far more agility and flexibility for bringing the value of next-generation actionable insight across the organization.

Enterprise Strategy Group

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