The changing face of the public sector workforce: why your organisation needs a strategic workforce plan

The number of temporary workers (often referred to as contingent labour) across the public sector is rising - and evidence suggests it is a trend which will continue for a number of reasons, including low unemployment rates, an aging public sector workforce, and digital transformation changing the way people want to work - and the roles available.

Developing a total talent management programme is the ideal way to face these significant workforce changes head on.

By planning your permanent and contingent workforce requirements in tandem, total talent management will help you remove the distinctions between your permanent and contingent workers and focus on the value a worker can provide to your organisation, rather than their employment status.

In this paper, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) explores what factors are behind the rise of the contingent worker, what this means for the public sector, and how you can rise to the opportunities and challenges of the changing face of the public sector workforce.

Crown Commercial Service

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