The Business Value of the Transformative Mainframe

The digital customer experience has emerged as the quintessential business driver today. In response, the mainframe has evolved from siloed to connected to transformative, thanks to continuous innovations in the hardware, software, and partner ecosystem. IDC has performed extensive research into the business value of modernizing on the mainframe. IDC's quantified findings consistently point to a profound business impact for any organization that makes the mainframe a driver for transformation in terms of revenue, productivity, and cost.

The ROI of their mainframe transformation initiatives is significant and unambiguous. At the same time, IDC’s qualitative findings tell a narrative of mainframe customers that have quite matter-of-factly built their digital transformation processes around the mainframe. They leverage the platform’s tremendous capabilities in terms of hybrid cloud, DevOps, agility, open source tools and languages, APIs, AI, and so forth. While IDC cannot name the organizations that participated in this research, it is fair to state that all of them are widely admired for the customer experience they provide — thanks to their business models and transformation efforts.


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