The Business Value of BMC Helix Discovery Software

Increasingly complex and heterogeneous IT ecosystems require organizations to broker, integrate, and orchestrate the delivery of 3rd Platform IT systems. These services are made up of cloud, mobile, big data, and social technologies that are mission critical to business operations or involve privacy issues for protected information.

IDC expects that the continuing emergence of AI and IoT will continue to add complexity to the entire IT ecosystem and, in turn, affect how IT is provisioned, monitored, managed, and secured. Without a holistic approach to asset management that includes an understanding of how assets are linked to business, IT will find it virtually impossible to prioritize and optimize the dynamic infrastructure and applications essential for critical IT business services. This IT management disconnect not only accelerates security and investment risk but also raises costs and diminishes the value of technology necessary to achieve desired business outcomes.

To ensure the optimization and security of the systems and services underpinning essential business processes as well as effectively embrace DevOps, big data analytics, and hybrid cloud initiatives, IT organizations must expand their infrastructure management practices far beyond static inventory spreadsheets and manual processes.

In addition, with the widespread use of management frameworks such as ITIL and IT service management combined with the enterprise’s increasing push toward digital transformation, IT executives need as much visibility as possible into the hardware and software that support mission-critical business services and processes.

In this study, IDC interviewed nine organizations using BMC Helix Discovery software to understand how they are using the software to achieve improved visibility into their datacenter operations. IDC’s research shows that these organizations are realizing strong value with Helix

BMC Helix

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