The Best of Both Markets: Five reasons to choose a hybrid platform that supports B2B and direct-to-consumer selling

Today’s consumers are shopping online more than ever. Digital commerce increased 76 percent YoY in June 2020, and many of those purchases are direct from manufacturers. It’s no surprise, then, that B2B companies are entering the direct-to-consumer (D2C) market in growing numbers. It’s both a new source of revenue and a great way to understand how people use their products and how they can be improved.

And the opposite is also true: a growing number of consumer-focused companies are getting into B2B commerce. 

Whether you’re adding B2B or D2C digital storefronts, you’ll need a new set of commerce features, which you’ll have to build or buy.

This eBook identifies five reasons to choose a hybrid commerce platform that combines strong B2B and D2C functionality.


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